Herb garden at the Gasthaus Badhof

Pleasure for your palate!

Even a short walk next to the terrace will leave you floating in fine fragrances. For example, thyme, rosemary and lavender grow there. Depending on the season, there is a different scent in the air.

Enjoy the fine menus and perhaps take a short digestive walk? Gasthaus Badhof - a feast for the senses!
We would be happy to introduce you to twenty of our herbs.

Borage is also called cucumber herb because the leaves taste like cucumber. It used to be used in naturopathy, but we now know that borage is toxic to the liver. Only the non-toxic borage blossom is used in our kitchen. It is edible and very decorative.


Black cumin
Rich in omega-6 fatty acids, black cumin is popular in naturopathy for hay fever, skin rashes, intestinal complaints. We simply use it as a decorative plant. This flower from Egypt is a true splendour.

With it circulations heal better, as a facial tonic it soothes the skin and of course as a tincture it is also known as a gargle! The essential oils are intense and predominant. We therefore use camomile as a decorative flower, but it may also be eaten.

Marjoram is considered an important food source for bees, bumblebees and butterflies. Because of the strong essential oils, marjoram is a strong-tasting plant with a typical smell. It has a strong seasoning power and should therefore be used sparingly, unlike many other herbs. 

The seasoning classic par excellence. What would the steamed carrots be without it and who hasn't cried tears when cutting many of them? We use the flowers as decoration and the chives for our meat and fish dishes, sauces and salads.

The classic in natural medicine, as an ointment for poorly healing wounds or as a beautifying agent in teas. We also use the marigold for food decoration and its yellow colour makes the heart radiate at the same time!

It is used to stimulate the circulation and is a popular remedy in folk medicine for dizziness, states of weakness or low blood pressure. We use it to flavour our meat dishes, vegetables and sauces.

Along with parsley, chives and chervil, tarragon is part of the classic French herb mix Fines herbes. It stimulates the appetite and is very suitable for poultry dishes.

Lemon thyme
A wonderful fragrant herb and great spice herb. Come and smell it! There's no denying its kinship with thyme, and yet there's more...

Lemon verbena
Sometimes it is confused with verbena (Verbena officinalis), which is bitter and smells of nothing. However, lemon verbena smells very sweetly lemony. We know it mainly as vervain for tea and it is also an ideal relaxing herb for the night.

It contains mustard oil glycosides and is a valued plant in naturopathy for infections. Be it urinary or respiratory tract. At the Badhof Inn we use the flowers and leaves to decorate the dishes. Try the pleasant spicy taste.

We are not the only ones who like the taste of fennel. No, swallowtail caterpillars do too. Who knows, maybe one or the other butterfly has tasted fennel as a caterpillar on the golf course? We use the fennel herb and the vegetable as edible decoration.

You probably know it as a tea or a Swiss dish called "Salbeimüsli"? Its anti-inflammatory properties are used in folk medicine for sore throats and it is also used in many a hiking tea blend. We use sage in our meat dishes.

It is one of the most important Mediterranean herbs. Its aromatic and tangy taste is well known and oregano is often used in pizza and pasta dishes. We also use it in our meat dishes and sauces.

In terms of taste, it is reminiscent of a mixture between thyme and rosemary. And unlike many other herbs, savory is also very aromatic when dried. It can even intensify its aroma if it is of good quality. We use it for meat dishes and sauces.

What would tomato mozzarella salad be without it? Its spicy note is incomparable and simply delicious. We season and decorate many dishes with it and have both green and dark basil in our herb garden.

Its aroma is uniquely tart and sweet, and coriander divides opinion: while it is an indispensable kitchen herb for many, it is shunned by others. That's why we use it rather sparingly and it is, for example, an ingredient in our barbecue spice.

Or Peterli for short and swiss, as we also say, is a decorative spice that is very well known. It is probably the most used soup spice and has many terrific ingredients that show that kitchen herbs are also medicinal herbs.

Thanks to its ingredients such as thymol and linalool, it is indispensable in naturopathy for the helpful use of cough remedies. Its warm, spicy note refines our sauces and dishes.

Its lovely, lemony scent is well known. It is good for our nervous system and has a calming effect. We use it in our kitchen for decorations as well as for ice cream and syrup.

Walk-in herbal oasis